Fossil Wrist Net Smart Watch for MSN Direct



Pictured above: Fossil Dick Tracy watch  


The Wrist Net watch with MSN Direct receives information wirelessly, so you’re in the know while on the go. Find everything from a great new restaurant to the latest news, all at a glance. Along with a glanceable, seamless connection to your world, there are tons of watch faces to choose from, for just the look you want. Set-up is easy: simply charge up, activate your watch online, and set up the content channels you want. A subscription to MSN Direct--available in top cities across the U.S. and Canada--is required to take full advantage of all watch features

MSN Direct uses an atomic clock (an extremely precise timekeeping device that uses atomic measurement for absolute accuracy) as its time standard, and broadcasts this time to your watch over local FM radio waves. You do not need to set the time your watch will automatically receive the time and remain accurate. If you travel to another time zone, your watch will update to the correct local time, as long as you are within an MSN Direct coverage area. If you are outside an MSN Direct coverage area, you may need to manually set the time on your watch.

Some of the advanced MSN Direct features the phone can do are, get updates on the stocks you care about, as well as information on the major high-volume stocks and indices. Get news headlines and the full text of local, national, international, business, entertainment, sports, health, and travel news stories. Get the latest weather reports for cities all over the world. Local city weather information includes current conditions, a three-day forecast, sunrise and sunset information, humidity, barometric pressure, and ultraviolet (UV) index.

Currently, both the Net watch and MSN Direct service are only available in the US and Canada, its hoped that this simple service will expand to other countries soon. 


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