Hypersonic Sound System



Pictured above: A hypersonic sound speaker


American Technology Corporation has released a revolutionary new type of loudspeaker system called Hypersonic Sound.

HSS sound reproduction technology actually creates audible, highly directional sound right in the air by using ultrasonic energy. For the first time, a commercialized technology that can focus sound exactly where you want it.

The basic operating principle of HSS uses a property of air known as "non-linearity". A normal sound wave (like someone talking) is a small pressure wave that travels through the air. As the pressure goes up and down, the "non-linear" nature of the air itself causes the sound wave to be changed slightly. If you change a sound wave, new sounds (frequencies) are formed within the wave. Therefore, if we know how the air affects the sound waves, we can predict exactly what new frequencies (sounds) will be added into the sound wave by the air itself. An ultrasonic (beyond the range of human hearing) sound wave can be sent into the air with sufficient volume to cause the air to create these new frequencies. Since we cannot hear the ultrasonic sound, we only hear the new sounds that are formed by the non-linear action of the air.

The benefit of the HSS system is the ability to direct or focus sound into a tight beam, similar to the beam of light from the flashlight. No other audio reproduction device available today provides this unique ability. The opportunities for applying this characteristic to the reproduction of sound are limitless. Think about the ability in a museum to direct the narration about a specific display only to the people standing directly in front of it. How about the potential to reflect the rear channels of your surround TV to the rear wall of your living room or directly to only the driver of a car.

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