The Moller Skycar



Pictured above: the Moller Skycar prototype


You've always known it was just a matter of time before the world demanded some kind of flying machine which would replace the automobile and a US company is setting about doing just that. Moller International has developed a personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle.

Using a principle similar to that of the British Harrier jump jet, the Moller Skycar volantor incorporates a patented thrust deflection vane system that redirects thrust, enabling it to hover or to takeoff and land vertically from almost any surface. This capability plus the added safety of ducted fans makes it ideal for a wide variety of commercial and military applications. These include private and charter air travel, express delivery, news gathering, border patrol, police and fire work, and search and rescue, to name just a few.

Powered by eight rotary engines (two in each engine nacelles) that can burn almost any fuel from diesel to natural gas the rotapower engines have only two major moving parts. one or more of the engines can fail and the Skycar will still operate safely. Even if all eight engines fail two parachutes can bring the skycar to a soft landing.

Dont sell your car just yet the Skycar is currently only in prototype and undergoing testing, Several other hurdles are yet to be overcome like licensing Skycar drivers, where to takeoff and land and how to manage the network of Skycar traffic. The later Moller is proposing to be managed by a type of automated GPS based system that has yet to be developed.

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Galvin Manufacturing Corporation introduced the first car radio in 1930. It was named "Motorola" linking the ideas of "motion" and "sound." Motorola later becomes the brand name for all Galvin Manufacturing Corporation's products.



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