Panda and Penguin TV



Pictured: The Panda TV


The team at gizmohighway visited the Austronics and Automate Exhibition at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre Recently, and discovered these cute TVs.

Made by Chinese Manufacturer ChangHong these cute portable TVs also feature a DVD Player built in that is disguised as either the Penguin's beak or the Panda's stick of bamboo.

There have been several Chinese manufacturers bring in TV sets to the Australian market of late which has really brought the prices down to sometimes half of what a name brand set would cost. We have tested a few of the new wave of Chinese sets and were quite surprised by the picture quality of a few of them. While nearly all of the Chinese TV sets we tested lacked somewhat in the sound department as well as having a very plasticy cabinet, some had great picture quality which is would make these sets great if you intended to use them with an external amplifier.  


Pictured: The Penguin TV


The Penguin and Panda sets would be great for the kids room and they have some good features, like the ability to play mp3s as well as burnt disks. The sets are stereo but lack a stereo tuner so the kids will just have to settle to only being able to watching their DVDs, or XBox via the AV inputs, in stereo. Audio outputs are supplied as well as a coax digital output from the DVD Player. We were unable to establish when the Penguin and Panda TVs are going on sale or their price. I think I will wait until someone releases a Hello Kitty model.

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Although John Logie Baird is often considered the inventor of Television his original design is far different from the sets that first became popular. his design was mechanical in part and only could display 30 lines. 



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