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Pictured above: The trilobite Vacuum


One of the worlds first fully automatic vacuum cleaner, the Trilobite by Electrolux is now available for your home. The first prototype was presented to the public in 1997 on the BBC TV program, Tomorrow’s World. The Trilobite, which will be on the market in a couple of weeks, has extensive research and development behind it.

The Trilobite is a totally new product compared to the prototype that was presented in 1997. The product is equipped with a charging station, three cleaning programs (normal, quick, and spot vacuuming), a reusable dust box (no dust bags are needed), flexible drive wheel suspension and an LCD display. The Trilobite now also has improved sonar for navigation (more microphones and enhanced frequency), which improves its sight, a new fan system and high-performance, environmentally friendly batteries (nickel-metal hydride). The actual vacuum cleaner system has also been improved in several ways, resulting in reduced noise levels and other benefits.

The vacuum cleaner navigates using ultrasound just like a bat. The sonar that emits the ultrasound vibrates at a rate of 60,000 Hz and is coated with a thin gold plate for best performance. The Trilobite has no problem avoiding collision with things placed on the floor for example the dog’s water bowl. Special magnetic strips are placed in doorways, near stairs and other openings. These act as a wall, keeping the Trilobite in the room. The machine contains sophisticated electronics and four motors one for each driven wheel, one for the brush and one for the fan.

The machine can find its own way back to the charger. If the cleaning hasn’t been completed when the vacuum cleaner needs to be charged, the Trilobite continues cleaning when charging is finished, after about two hours. Once cleaning is completed, the machine returns to its charging station and switches to rest mode.

Electrolux is not the only company to pioneer such robotic gadgets as more and more electronics company's release robots on to the market, like Sony's entertainment abio dog and humanoid robot, a robot lawnmower by Friendly Robotics and the Roomba vacuum robot that is similar to the trilobite vacuum.

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Did You Know?

The word robot comes from the 1920 Czech play Rossum's Universal Robots. The word comes from the Czech word robota, which means tedious labor.



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