Alexander Graham Bell (1847 - 1922)



Pictured above; Alexander Graham Bell


Born in Edinburgh, Scotland 1847, Alexander Graham Bell is best known for the being the first to sending human speech by wire, resulting in the invention we call the telephone.

Born to a deaf mother, Bell had been interested in the education of deaf people and the concepts of speech and pitch from a very early age.

He Began his career as an inventor after he moved to Boston in the United States. Alexander Graham Bell never set out to invent the telephone. what he was trying to invent was an improvement to the telegraph. Basically a telegraph uses a current along a long wire that is interrupted in a pattern to form a click at the other end, this is know as Morse Code. Bell planed to send several messages simultaneously, all at a different pitch.

Bell made a devices that was a series of reeds along a magnet, although he didn't realize that he had just invented the principals behind the microphone, he concluded that each would create a current at the other end, The fact that the invention he built was capable of transmitting speech was discovered by bell when he asked his assistant to pluck one of the reeds. instantly he lodged a paten for the telephone on March 7, 1876 only hours before another inventor was to patent a similar device. Speech was first transmitted 5 days later when his assistant heard the words, "Mr. Watson, Come here, I want to see you.

The telephone patent was one of the most valuable ever issued of the 18 sole patents he had received. Across his lifetime he never stopped inventing, he experimented with flight, gas, evaporative cooling, an early form of fibre optic communication and a magnetic recording system that was the forerunner to the tape recorder. A lot of his ideas were too far ahead of their time and were not rediscovered for decades later.

Alexander Graham Bell Died at the age of 75, shortly before his death he spoke of harnessing the suns rays to heat buildings, if he lived any longer perhaps he may of developed an early form of solar energy.

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Just two hours after Alexander Graham Bell had patented his telephone, Elisha Gray filed a patent for a slightly different design.



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